Gladio Characters

During the Gulf War, some of the mercenaries from all over the world got involved in crime in order to capture the wealth of the region. They have won a fortune thanks to the dirty business they were dealing with there and became a massive crime organization after a while.

One of the strongest organization among these organizations, Gladio began to work in a lot of countries thanks to their professional team they found. The most important feature that distinguishes them from other organizations is the successful combat strategies they implement.

Gladio's regional director, Ivan, was managing the operations of the intelligence services in Turkey.

Executing the Turkish spy, who revealed operations of Gladio and disappeared without a trace became a personal issue for Ivan. Eventually they found the location of the Turk, the operation was done, but Demir who was considered dead began to disrupt Gladio’s plans. From now on the name of the game was Zula.