Zula Academy

Academy Academy

What is Zula Academy?

It is a 'volunteer' support team formed by the players of the games within MadByte Games.
Players in the team;
-Test Team
-Support Team
-Social Media Team
-In-Game Officer Team
They can get hands-on training in their field. While the applied training continues, they can move to a higher class according to their performance evaluation.

How can I join Zula Academy?

The player selected as a result of the evaluation to be made among the players who filled out the form published by MadByte Games, can join the Academy by signing the 'Volunteer Agreement' organized by MadByte Games.


Does Zula Academy have a free?

Zula Academy is completely free. No fee is charged from the participants.If you want to take part in our volunteer army with us, click the apply button to be included in our story and join us!