Registration Guide



Kayıt Rehberi

1- Username;

This is the name you use to login Zula (you will choose in game nickname at first login). No special characters (ç,i,ü,g,ö,s,I) is allowed when picking up a username. If the name has been taken before, you will see a warning saying 'this username is already registered in the system'. In this case, you have to choose a new one.

2- E-Mail Address;

For your character's safety and for a better communication, we suggest you enter a valid e-mail. Don't forget that your e-mail will be the most important proof of your account ownership.

3- Password;

This is the key that provides access to your account. In Zula, your password must contain at least one letter and one number. Also, your password must be 6 to 12 characters long. Warning: Your password should be unique. Please don't share your password with anyone. Otherwise, Madbyte Games won't be responsible for possible losses.

4- Enter Your Password Again;

Repeat the password that you created in password section.

5- I Read and Accept the User Agreement;

Here is the User Agreement created by Madbyte Games. We suggest every one of our users should read before accepting.

6- I Read and Accept the User Agreement;

This is the field that includes the rules you must follow while playing Zula. We suggest every one of our users should read before accepting.

7- I Want to Receive Announcements and Notification E-mails;

You can get the news about recent developments in Zula by ticking this field.

8- I am not a robot;

To prove that this is not a fake registration, you have to click here.

9- Create My Account;

You can complete your registration process by clicking on this button after you have completed all the operations completely.

10- Free Download;

Free Download Link