Zula Characters

Turkey has been exposed to the operations of agents from foreign intelligence services for the last 50 years. As a result of the operations they managed to creep in every branch of state and dozens of innocent people were killed for years. State officials who wanted to stop this plan were subjected to severe interventions by these services.

In order to end this situation, lieutenant Demir from Maroon Berets was assigned to infiltrate the Gladio and he revealed a massive weapons shipment belonging to a foreign intelligence service. Despite his commanding officers warnings, he did not deliver the weapons to foreign forces and he destroyed all of them despite the risk of revealing his secret identity.

After his identity was revealed, he disappeared but he became a target himself. They did not forget him and finally found him. At Demir's wedding ceremony Gladio attacked, Demir got wounded, but he lost his loved ones.

Demir again disappeared without a trace for a long time and began to train himself in order to take his revenge. All around the country, he did draw people together to stop Gladio. Zula was born in the darkness out of the ashes of revenge.