Leyla Kurt

Born in Sivas, he started his career after graduating from the Faculty of Law, which he dreamed of since his childhood, with a high degree. For many years, he has been working for the provision of justice by doing his human profession. However, while doing research on a case he undertook, he came across Gladio's trail and decided to pursue it.

Gladio was disturbed by Leyla's investigations and they wanted to silence her. He escaped death at the last moment thanks to the on-site intervention of the Zula Team, who followed them during an assassination prepared by Gladio.

After this incident, she decided to act with the Zula Team. The Zula Team took the necessary precautions to protect Leyla's life and ensured her safety. During this time, Leyla also mastered close-defense techniques and sniping, which she had been keen on from an early age. Leyla became even more attached to the team in the face of the team's devoted work and success in achieving their goals.