Elena Terentjeva

She was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. Her talent for gymnastics was discovered at a young age and led to her turning to sports and winning degrees. She lost his mother, father and siblings in an attack after a tournament he attended in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the age of 8. Elena survived the attack and struggled to survive in ruined buildings for days. In the midst of the war, Elena struggled to survive far from the land of her birth and began to change and became wild. At that time, Larry, who had lost his family a while ago, coincidentally encountered Elena while on a secret mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Elena’s life story impressed Larry Silverstein, desperate Elena reminded him of her deceased sister. He took Elena, who was all alone in the midst of the war, Israel with the help of Mossad. He put a lot of effort into repressing the violent behaviour of Elena and, at times, her aggressiveness. Although he had earlier suggested that she should return to gymnastics, the war greatly changed Elena's chemistry. Wherever she went for training, she was troubling herself and harming friends. Larry, who wanted to take control of this situation, with the request of Elena, provided a tough training in the military camp. Elena stands out for her gymnastic talent, aggressive nature and intimidating personality. Years later, when Larry became head of Gladio, he included Elena in Gladio, who he saw as a gifted and deadly weapon both as a sister he trusted until the very end. Even though she sometimes has an uncontrollable attitude, Elena proceeds to rivet her position in Gladio as a war machine.