V1.53 is Released on Zula!

V1.53 is Released on Zula!

We continue to be with you with new updates and content every month.


1- Minimap and Marking System
With this newly developed system, you will now be able to track your teammates' locations on the minimap and direct your friends by marking the desired point.
Note: This system will only work in Sabotage and TDM game modes.

2- Memories Series and Gloves
Seeing Gladyo develop the "Collector" series, Demir Erez and his team quickly came together and brought together the special items they collected from around the world to create the new Elite Series.
They created the Memories Series and Glove.

3- Pow Pink Series and Gloves
Your favorite Pow series is here in Pink color!

4- 100th Anniversary Contents
We are celebrating the 100th anniversary of our Republic in Zula. In addition to the 100th Anniversary Gloves, Keychains and Karambit skin, we decorated the Lobby and Maps in the game with the 100th Anniversary logo.


5- VIP Skins in the Game
"Unique" VIP Skins special for our VIP players are now in Zula!

6- New Sprays and Cases Added
New Sprays and Cases developed specifically for this month have been added to the game

Other Improvements
- Clan Servers were taken into maintenance and returned to normal server status.
- The problem of bullets passing through the glass in the area called "Kısa" on the Safranbolu map has been fixed.
- The red dot on sniper rifles has been removed.