V1.51 Zula Guard 24/7 Anti Cheat Patch is Released!

V1.51 Zula Guard 24/7 Anti Cheat Patch is Released!

In Zula, we have prepared a huge update package in this month's update to provide you with a better gaming experience.

1- Zula Guard is Online 24/7 (BETA)!
Zula Guard 24/7 (BETA) update has been released.

2- Vip System
With the developed Vip System, our players will feel even more special!

The advantages of the VIP System are as follows:
- Your in-game character name will change to Vip color and this color will get the RGB [VIP] tag.
- Vip User who logs into the game every day during the Vip membership process will earn 5 Stars
- During the VIP membership process, 10% XP and ZP bonus will be defined automatically.
- You will get 10% extra chance of success on all upgrades during the VIP membership period.
- Vip will get special spray.
VIP benefits will continue :)

3- Clan Wars (Clan Competition)
Do you want to play matches and win prizes together with your clanmates? Clan Wars is now in Zula!

4- Spend with ZP-HP is in the Game!
You will no longer get rewards when you spend ZA, but also when you spend ZP/HP!

5- Safranbolu Night Map
You wanted so much! You've waited too long! Safranbolu Night Map is now in the game! Those who love the Safranbolu Map during the day should not be sad either. The normal Safranbolu map will also remain in the game!

6- Hanya Series and Gloves
The epic Chania Series is now in play with the gauntlet!

7- Invasion Series (Blue) and Gloves
The Elite Blue Invasion Series is now available with the gauntlet!

8- KAR-98 Phantom
Carefully designed for elite KAR98 gamers. Remember, the Phantom will only be in the KAR98 weapon...

9- New Sprays
Fun new sprays are in the game!

10- Inferno and Tactical Gloves
New designs that we think you will love are in the game!

11- Knife Skins
Inferno and Tactical Knife patterns are now in play!

12- Candy Keychain
The Candy Keychain, which draws attention with its special design, has been added to the game!

Other Items
- The surrender option can now be made after 7 minutes.
- Added patterns for Spas 12 and M4 weapons
- Scope panels optimized
- Row and Baseball Bat unlocked to upgrade
- August 30 Visuals have been added to the game