Update Notes - 23 September

Items added to the game and improvements made with the September 23 Update are now waiting for you!





Changes to the Shooter, Assault, and Pistols you've been trying out on the Test Servers for a long time are now available on All Servers!

  • Changes for Marksman, Assault, and Pistols are now available on All Servers!
    • Sniper movement speed reduced by 15%. ↓
    • Effective range on pistols reduced by 15%. ↓
    • Deflection Assaults have been reduced by 5%. ↓

The Pool Map was only playable in the Water Gun Mode during the Summer Season, and has been activated with this update so that you can also play in TDM and All-One Modes, according to your requests.

  • The Pool Map is now playable in TDM and All Solo on Regular Servers.

We've been getting feedback from you for weapon changes in Battle Royale. "Why not?" We said and added new ones instead of the following weapons.

  • Weapon changes have been made for the BR mode.
    • M4 Super 90 and its add-ons will be released instead of M3.
    • FN FAL Pro will replace Fateh.
    • UMP 45 will be released instead of MAC-10.