Update Notes - 23 August

Cartel Season now in the game!

Cartel Season has begun! Awesome gifts await you in the new season.


UAV Series in Zula!

Our new Elite Series, inspired by UAV's produced in Turkey, has been added to the game!


Cartel Glove and Spray in Zula!

The Cartel Gloves and Spray, which we produced specially for the Cartel Season, are in the game!


Added "Repair" app!

For our players who have problems logging into the Launcher, we have installed an application called Repair on their game files. Thanks to this application, when you have trouble logging into Launcher, you will be able to repair your files without having to reinstall the game.


Zula Battle Royale continues to evolve!

  • Suspension system has been added to our existing vehicle in Battle Royale.
  • Optimization package has been released!