Wind Week!

Wind Week!

The first event week of the Autumn Season, Wind Week!

Rewards and events are coming with the wind, beware! 😉



100% XP, VP and Material Bonus in End of Match Bonuses!

For each match you complete in the Week of Wind;

100% XP, ZP and Material Bonus will be with you on Normal Servers and Clan Servers.


Tokens in Contracts!

By completing contracts, you can get Autumn Tokens and buy any item you want in the Token Market!



Unlimited Cases!

In Wind Week, Unlimited Crates are with you for a week! 😎

  • Unlimited Zula Characters and Zula Character Cases,
  • Unlimited Gladio Characters and Gladio Character Cases,
  • Unlimited Extra Cases,
  • Unlimited Weapons Case 1,
  • Unlimited Weapon Cases 2.