Street Fights Season Is Here!

Street Fights Season Is Here!






Street Fights Season in Zula!

With the new Street Fights Season, a lot of new stuff and events are waiting for us!

New Legendary Skin: Carnival Skin, Carnival Gloves, Cartel creation and other items with 50% Sale, season special cases, 50% XP and ZP Bonus in the street maps and a lot more waiting for you in our new season!

New Legendary Skin: Carnival Skin!

Time to conquer the Carnival Skin in Street Fights Season!

Carnival Skinned Weapons:

  • AUG A3
  • KAR98
  • MPT76
  • Mehmetcik Pro
  • M6LWRC
  • L115A3
  • BORA12
  • AWP
  • P90
  • M4Super90
  • Karambit
  • M93R
  • Glock18
  • Deagle
  • M468
  • M4A1
  • HK417
  • AK47

Carnival Gloves!

Carnival time in the streets! Carnival Gloves, here with the Street Fights Season!

Complete Zula Pass, get your Carnival Gloves!
Cartel Creation and Other Items with 50% Discount!

For all Street Fights Season, Cartel Creation and other Cartel items with 50% Discount!

50% XP and ZP Bonus in Street Fights Season!

Special for Street Fights Season, street maps with 50% XP and ZP Bonus!

Maps with the bonus:

Üsküdar Sokakları,
Gaziantep Mülteci Kampı.

New Cases!

With the Street Fights Season, new cases will be with you through all seasons. Try out new cases, get amazing items and have fun in the new Street Fights Season.

Unlimited AUG A3, Unlimited Karambit, Unlimited Kar98 and many more items might be yours with the new cases.

Street Token!

Token and Token Market which changes and renews every season has updated again. Amazing Token and Token Market is here now!

With Street Token, you can check and get the items that you want in the market which changes every week in Token Market.

Also, Ranking Token is always in game and active! 😉