Star Weekend!

Star Weekend!

If you're ready for a starburst this weekend, go to Zula now! Complete events, earn stars and claim rewards in the Zula Pass, which is slowly coming to an end this season!






End of Match Bonuses!

100% Bonus on XP, ZP and Materials is with you this weekend!


Contracts Tokens & 2X Star Awarded!

Complete contracts, it's time to earn both Summer Coins and double Stars!


Unlimited Crates!

Unlimited items are waiting for you in the safes. Do not miss the opportunity to earn unlimited items from weapons to characters.

  • Unlimited Zula Characters and Zula Character Crates
  • Unlimited Gladio Characters and Gladio Character Crates
  • Unlimited Extra Crates
  • Unlimited Weapon Crates 1
  • Unlimited Weapon Crates 2
  • Goodbye Summer Box



Gold Offer!

Play now to not miss the 50% discount on gold!