New Year Update Is On!

New Year Update Is On!

New Year Surprises Start In Zula!

We are having one of the best updates before 2021 finishes.

Night Club Map

The amazing map that we have in the Zula Mobile version comes to the PC with 5x5 TDM mode. It’s available from today. Join and enter the fun.

New Ranks Are Here!

Being a Legend was never enough for you? We have 2 more new Ranks for the real competitors. Champion and Leader has been added to the Ranking. Only first 100 players can get to those ranks and It doesn’t look easy. And of course, There will be only one Leader. Get your rank up before the season ends.

Here are the New Ranks Rewards;

Champion Rewards (99 People)

  • 20 Street Case
  • 7 Magma Skin Guaranteed Deck
  • 7 King Deck
  • 1 Nickname Change
  • 10.000 Material
  • Unlimited Winter Season Champion Spray

Leader Rewards (1 Person)

  • 25 Street Case
  • 10 Magma Skin Guaranteed Deck
  • 10 King Deck
  • 1 Nickname Change
  • 15.000 Material
  • Unlimited Winter Season Leader Spray

MB-7 Now With ‘’+7’’!

We have kept our word and before 2021 finishes, we have added the ‘’+’’ system to one of your favorite knives.

We wish a much better year to all of you in 2022.