New Year Season Is Now On Zula!

New Year Season Is Now On Zula!






New Year Season In Zula!
New Year came early to Zula players! The Amazing Rewarded New Year Season is here!
New Legendary Skin: Cookie Skin, New Year 2022 Gloves, in total of 125.000 XP, 50.000 Material, 175.000 ZP and much more waiting for you!


New Legendary Skin: Cookie Skin!
In the New Year, We hope you will have a great time with this New Year's Skin!
Here you can see the Cookie Skinned weapons:

  • AUG A3
  • KAR98
  • MPT76
  • Mehmetcik Pro
  • M6LWRC
  • L115A3
  • BORA12
  • AWP
  • P90
  • M4Super90
  • Karambit
  • M93R
  • Glock18
  • Deagle
  • M468
  • M4A1
  • HK417
  • AK47

New Year Gloves!
Make your new year colorful! New Year 2022 Gloves are here!
Complete the Zula Pass and earn New Year 2022 Gloves!

New Cases!
New Year also comes with the new cases as well!

  • Snowflake Case
  • Snowball Case
  • New Year Star Case
  • New Year Point Case
  • New Year Reputation Case
  • New Year Case
  • New Year Token Case
  • Super New Year Token Case
  • Unlimited New Year Case
  • Super Unlimited New Year Case
  • Unlimited New Year Extra Case
  • Spider Gloves Token Case
  • Yakuza Gloves Token Case
  • Black Panther Gloves Token Case
  • Aqua Gloves Token Case

New Year Token!
Our Token and Token Market that renews every season, renewed again just for you!
With the New Year Token, you can purchase any item you wish from the Token Market that also renews every week!