Homecoming Events Are Starting

Homecoming Events Are Starting

Zula Homecoming Events are starting! If you are ready for the events which will take place for 3 weeks with lots of rewards and fun let’s get to the details! 

Special 2 Login rewards every day, every week a different Fun Mode, Normal and Cartel Servers boost up to 150%, New Season ÖTS, Weekly and Monthly MVP Rewards in Ranking Matchmaking, special missions for PC Cafes and much more will be with you.

Let’s start with the first week, Event details are below! 😉


Extra Attendance Case for Everyday Login!

We have an amazing news for you. Special for the Homecoming Week, you can get Login rewards 2 times in a day. Every weekday between 16:00-22:00(GMT +3) enter the game and get the latest Attendance Case. 


Extra 150% XP, ZP and Material Bonus 

Yes, you heard us right. In Homecoming week whenever you finish a match; 

  • Normal Servers 100%,

  • Cartel Servers 150% XP, ZP and Material Bonus will be with you.

*Homecoming 1. Week End Match Bonuses are only for 3-4 and 5th of September 


Pistol Low Ammo Mode 

You have asked for the old animation of Desert Eagle weapon, we made it! We were thinking of a way to celebrate this change with all of you and decided to add our Pistol Low Ammo Mode for a week. You can get in and have fun until 10th of September!

Pistol Low Ammo Mode comes with Its own rewards. Here are the Rewards:

  • When you get an MVP: Victory Case + 3 Cartel Coin
  • When you win the match: Referring to your performance You can earn Victory, Charge, Super August or Struggle Case with 1 Cartel Coin 
  • When you lose the match: Depending on your performance You can earn Charge, August, Struggle or Super Platinum Deck. 


Become the MVP or Champion on Ranking Mode Get the Rewards 

Between 6 - 13 September, players who become the most MVP and win most matches get special rewards! 


Weekly MVP Reward:

  • 20 Cartel Coin

  • 3  Victory Case

  • MVP of the Week Spray (7 Days)


Weekly Champion Reward:

  • 10 Cartel Coin

  • 2 Victory Case

  • Champion of the Week Spray (7 Days)


Monthly MVP Reward:

  • 50 Cartel Coin

  • 10 Victory Case

  • MVP of the Month Spray (30 Days)


Monthly Champion Reward:

  • 25 Cartel Coin

  • 10 Victory Case

  • Champion of the Month Spray (30 Days)