Grand Finals Week Begins!

Grand Finals Week Begins!

Grand Finals Week Begins!

As we are approaching the end of the Football Season and with the finals of the Zula Super League, prize-filled events await you on July 2-8 in the Grand Finals Week!




Upgrade Boost!

A 25% Chance of Success increase on All Upgrades during the Magical Finals Week is with you throughout the week!


End of Match Bonuses!

End of match bonuses are full of them in the Grand Finals Week!


On Public Servers 👉 2x Material and XP Bonus

On Clan Server 👉 100% ZP and 100% XP Bonus


EXTRA REWARDS in Daily Missions!

It's time to complete missions and earn lots of rewards!
Complete Daily Missions 👉Get 1,000 Materials and earn 10 Stars


Crates with ZP are in the Market - Don't Miss Your Chance to Win Unlimited Items!

ZP Crates where you can get Unlimited Items are waiting for you in the Market!


Special Mission Card, daily Login Rewards and Opportunity Chests for each day will also be waiting for you in the game! 😉


Don't Forget To Earn Beta Tokens!

Don't forget to win as you play the Beta coin, which is the first coin in the Coin Market added to the game last week, and buy the product you want from the Coin Market with the coins you earn.


Ways to earn the token:

Entry Reward: 1 Token

Special Mission Bonus Reward: 5 Coins

Contracts: 1 Coin per contract completion

Competition MVP reward: 3 Tokens


Show your strength 😎