Festival Week Begins!

Festival Week Begins!

Login the game now, complete the events and let the beautiful prizes cheer up your inventory! The events are between 19-25 July.





Upgrade Achievement Boost!

20% achievement boost on all upgrades will be with you. Here is your chance to strengthen your inventory.


End of Match Bonuses!

Complete your matches, get +25 Material, 100% XP and 100% VP bonuses!


Daily Quests!

Earn both Materials and Summer Tokens by completing daily missions, get unlimited weapons with Summer Tokens and much more


Unlimited Holiday Cases are in Zula!

Many safes, including Unlimited Holiday Crates, are waiting for you in the game!

Unlimited Holiday Crates are in Zula!

  • Holiday Box
  • Mega Holiday Crate
  • Material Holiday Crate
  • Mega Material Holiday Crate
  • Unlimited Holiday Crates 1
  • Unlimited Holiday Crates 2
  • Unlimited Holiday Crates 3
  • Unlimited Holiday Extra Crates
  • Unlimited Taba Glove Case