Discord Community Tournament

Discord Community Tournament

Welcome to the Discord Community Tournament!


Would you like to earn some Zula Gold?

On our Discord channel 23 and 24th of October between 18:00-20:00 rooms will be created, The matches will be ‘’Free For All’’ Mode. Join the matches and get a chance to earn Zula Gold!



Discord Channel Link: https://discord.gg/KbP7stQvqy



 Every game rooms ranking;

1. Place 5.000 Zula Gold

2. Place 3.000 Zula Gold

3. Place 2.000 Zula Gold


Tournament Rules

  • Every session will be in a different type(weapon).

  • Room details(Server,room number, room password) will be shared by the officials on Zula Esports Global channel.

  • Every player can get 1 Prize in every hour.

  • There cannot be 3 or more people from the same Cartel. If the situation is caught by the officials the Prizes won’t be sent even If the player has won.

  • Only the players who follow the Zula Esports Global channel will be able to enter the room and the matches. There will be no restart for the players who come later on. 

  • After the match starts, even some of the players get kicked out of the game. The match doesn’t stop, participants should send the screenshot of the end match screen.

  • If the officials gets kicked out from the game during the match. You can take the end match screenshot and send an email to the [email protected] for the prize

  • Players, should keep their in-game Nickname same with their Discord name on the Discord channel after 23rd of October.