Autumn Season Begins!

Autumn Season Begins!

New Legend Design: Techno, 100 different steps in Zula Pass, Competition and Autumn Tokens, Weapons with Techno Design exclusive to the Token Market, +15% Upgrade Chance throughout the season, new Wind, Rain and Leaf Cases, Autumn Gloves, 75,000 Materials, 125,000 XP and 125,000 ZP are with you throughout the season!




New Legendary Series: Techno!

Your opponents will be surprised with Techno Patterns! Start collecting your Autumn Tokens now!

Here are the Weapons Techno Designs come from:

  • M6LWRC
  • Mehmetcik Pro
  • KAR98
  • BORA12
  • AWP
  • TRX
  • MPT76
  • M468
  • M4A1
  • Robin
  • AUG
  • AK47
  • M93R
  • Glock18
  • Razor
  • karambit
  • Shadow
  • Butterfly



15% Increase in Chance of Success on All Upgrades!

A 15% success chance increase awaits you on all upgrades throughout the Fall Season! Now is the time to raise your weapons and become the ruler of Zula!



50% Bonus on XP, ZP and Materials!

50,000 Materials, 125,000 XP and 125,000 ZP are yours when you complete the Autumn Season! And a 50% bonus is waiting for you in all match rewards throughout the season.



Competition and Autumn Token!

With the renewed Coin Market, Competition and Autumn Coin are with you throughout the season! Complete the events, collect the coins and buy whatever weapons are available in the Coin Market!
From Unlimited Weapons, Crates, Patterns, Decks, it's all yours, no need to wait any longer to get Coins that pay off as you play.



New Cases!

The new Season Cases Wind, Rain and Leaf Cases, which contain lots of ZP and many other items, are now in Zula with the Autumn Season!



Autumn Gloves!

Autumn Gloves are with you in the new season! Reflect your style in your game.